I’m finally feeling that urge to blog again, so here goes nothing.

From what I’ve seen around here, this job requires so much detail that it’s…well…awesome! I love the tedious work and documenting that goes into projects. Of course, they need to be projects that I find interesting; menial narratives and banal lab write-ups are not my cup of tea. But this HHO thing seems really interesting, and really do-able, a quality I like in projects. While others may not understand the deep scrutiny needed for the project, I can see why the boss has us jumping the hoops. It’s going to be like this in the “real” world, with much bigger and much more costly projects, so I can see how this will help us in the future, regardless of how superfluous it may seem right now. Also, there’s just now use in complaining about it; if the boss says it needs to be in the proposal, you put it in the proposal and then some. I don’t feel I’m in a position to question anybody seeing as how I have such little experience in the field. Maybe in a year or two…


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